Desi Gir Cow A2 Milk

Pure A2 Milk from free range grass fed Desi Gir cows. Lab tested to ensure you get pure natural milk which is –

  • Un-Adulterated
  • With No Preservatives
  • No Pesticides residues
  • No Synthetic Hormones like Oxytocin
  • A2 milk contains high levels of Omega 3 that cleans the cholesterol deposits of blood vessels
  • Cerebrosides present in A2 milk increases brain power
  • Strontium of A2 milk enhances the body Immunity and protect it from harmful radiation.
  • A2 milk has the capability to fight against diseases and disorders of human body like obesity, joint pain, asthma, mental problems etc.
  • A2 beta-casein differs from the A1 milk in that when digested it does not lead to the release of an amino acid in the body called beta-casomorphin 7 (BCM7).

BCM7 is known to be an opioid – a type of narcotic – which can have a variety of effects, including suppressing the immune system. Some scientists suspect that BCM7 could cause or aggravate a range of health problems in susceptible people, such as diabetes, coronary heart disease, and autism

Dangers of A1 (Jersey/Holstein Cow) Milk

Studies made in New Zealand has revealed that A1 milk of foreign breeds of cows is the major cause of-

  • High blood pressure.
  • Metabolic degenerative disease.
  • Autism, Diabetes type -1 in children.
  • Mental disorder in old age (Alzheimer’s disease)

Indigau Cows

Humane Treatment to Desi Gir Cows
Fodder fed to Desi Gir Cows on a daily basis
Natural environment for our Desi Gir Cows

Why Indigau


We supply pure A2 milk in the manner nature provides. It is supplied under our strict supervision, so you can assure for both quality and quantity.


A2 milk is delivered at your doorstep within few hours after milking which maintains freshness.


Our farm maintains proper standards of cleanliness at each and every step


The Desi cows in our farm are not injected any type of vaccination or antibiotics or oxytocin. They are fed pure organic grass which helps in producing pure organic milk


Fresh and organic milk makes it delicious, so kids want to take it again and again

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