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In Pursuit of Health

This journey began in 2017 pursuit of health. After years of suffering from lifestyle diseases like Diabetes, high cholesterol, weight gain fatty liver and the side effects due to medication and not finding and end to it. In search of a permanent remedy to this after lot of research it came across that the root cause of all these was in our eating habits and the food we eat. The real devil was in the FOOD we eat and the MILK we drink!!!.

Many research mentioned one should avoid consuming milk and milk products for better health but we were not ready to believe this as our elders always believed about the goodness of milk. How can our ancestors go so wrong about this?  Where is the gap?

The answer that came was the TYPE of milk we drink. Our Desi cows milk is A2 type milk which does not release BCM7 an poisonous chemical which is found in foreign breeds like Jersey and Holstein which produce A1 type milk.  A1 beta casein is known as beta-casomorphin-7, often abbreviated as BCM-7.

BCM-7 is the real “devil” in A1 milk for a number of reasons. It is an exogenous (doesn’t naturally occur within the human body) opioid that interacts with the human digestive system, internal organs, and brainstem. While no direct causal relationships have been demonstrated between BCM-7 and these diseases due to a wide range of contributing factors for each illness, BCM-7 has been linked to type 1 diabetes, heart disease, autism, and other serious non-communicable diseases as well.

All these reports indicate us to go back to our origins and ancient wisdom and we should start consuming Indian cows’ A2 milk which is healthy, tasty and also has medicinal properties. After realizing and experiencing the benefits myself, I wanted to pass on the benefits and promote a healthier life, thus this company was founded.

 After all, Health is Wealth!

Our Team

Abhijeet Ghodinde Co-Founder and Director

Mechanical Engineering Graduate from University of Mumbai with 22 years of Experience working in companies like Rcom, Sify and Wipro- India and Middle East in Leading, Managing Sales and Solution team for large and complex projects in Telecom, IT field in India and Abroad.

After Realizing that the root cause of most of the lifestyle diseases (Diabetes, Hypertension, weight gain, PCOD etc) is in our eating habits and in our food. The real devil was in the FOOD WE EAT and the MILK WE DRINK!!!

The realization led to formation of Indigenous sustainable healthy Agri products company AgriGators and Indigau A2 Milk was Born!!

Chetan Ingle Co-Founder and Director

Mechanical Engineering Graduate from University of Mumbai with 18 years of Experience working in companies like IBM India, Avaya, ITC Infotech and Rolta India Ltd as Technical Architect, Project lead, etc.

After spending huge time with IT industry, I realized that the stress and working style lead to life time diseases. This realization leads to the thought of Organic food and pure Milk.

After getting thorough training on Entrepreneurship Development, Milk n Milk products from MECD, Maharashtra, the formation of company AgriGators and Indigau A2 Milk took place..

Our Values

  • ● Leadership: Providing indigenous sustainable Agro produce
  • ● Passion : Committed in heart and mind
  • ● Quality : High quality is not a luxury
  • ● Accountability : Delivering the very best in what we do,holding ourselves accountable for results
  • ● Growth : Grow business in a way that makes us proud

Our Vision

To be the most successful and respected Agro based Sustainable Products company

Our Mission

To provide products and services of highest quality and deliver more value to our customers that earns their respect and loyalty




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