Desi Gir Cows in our farms are not injected with antibiotics or synthetic hormones like Oxytocin
Fresh A2 milk from Gir Cows is delivered from Farms to your home everyday within few hours of milking
Enhanced levels of quality assurance with Special 3 layer aseptic packing to retain freshness and to give you safe nutritious A2 milk

Pure A2 Gir Cow’s

A2 Milk in Kamothe, Navi Mumbai

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A2 milk in Kamothe, Navi Mumbai

Indigenous Cow breeds like Gir, contain A2 type beta casein. If we start drinking A2 milk many diseases can be cured before they generate. A2 milk is very light on digestion and hence is equivalent to human mother’s milk. It is no surprize that children consuming A2 milk don’t complain about tummy aches and look happy and active all the time.
A2 milk also serves as alternative milk to those teens, individuals and seniors who have stopped drinking milk due to lactose intolerance.
We take great pleasure to recommend trying a free pack of Indigau A2 milk in Kamothe, Navi Mumbai by subscribing on our website We are sure you will start enjoying the amazing taste and health benefits of drinking A2 milk on a daily basis as many of our customers say in their reviews.
Choose Indigau A2 milk and relish high quality natural A2 milk obtained from indigenous Gir cows that too… home delivered within few hours of milking, Isn’t that awesome?
Indigau A2 milk is obtained from free range grass fed A2 Desi Gir Cows. This milk is laboratory tested and certified to ensure you get pure unadulterated milk. Indigau recommends drinking A2 milk to avoid milk related health complications that occur due to BCM 7.

A2 Milk in Pune and A2 Ghee in Pune
Indigau A2 Milk Kamothe, Navi Mumbai's most trusted milk brand

A2 Milk from A2 Desi Gir Cow

Our A2 Milk comes from Gir cows that naturally produce only the natural A2 protein.
We get our milk tested periodically from FSSAI approved NABL Listed Lab to ensure you get natural unadultrated milk everyday.

Our milk is certified to ensure milk obtained from Desi Gir Cows contains A2 protein, known to have several health benefits along with being easy on the human digestion system.





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