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Indigau believes that natural and unadulterated dairy products will be the single most effective way to the well being and healthy living for all.

Natural and pure dairy products are always in demand and must be included in the diets of children, adults and the elderly.

We as an organization are passionate about meeting the health challenges through our products. We believe that everyone deserves the health benefits of natural and unadulterated food for their well being and fitness.

Our speciality is that we obtain natural and unadulterated milk without chemicals, pesticides, synthetic hormones, fungicides or chemical fertilizers. Our approach towards our dairy products is traditional and completely natural. We provide scientifically advised, unadulterated highly nutritious grass to our desi Gir cows to produce the highest quality nutritious milk. Our A2 milk is delivered through established scientific and automated procedures. We strive for healthy A2 milk production, meeting and exceeding quality standards.

Why choose Indigau A2 milk?

We supply pure A2 milk in the manner nature provides. It is supplied under our strict supervision, so you can assure for both quality and quantity.

The Desi cows in our farm are not injected any type of vaccination or antibiotics or oxytocin. They are fed pure organic grass which helps in producing pure organic milk.

A2 milk is delivered at your doorstep within few hours after milking which maintains freshness.

Fresh and organic milk makes it delicious, so kids want to have it again and again.

Our farm maintains proper standards of cleanliness at each and every step.

Here are a few reasons to switch to Indigau A2 milk:

Safe and Pure A2 milk direct from the farm to your doorstep

A2 Gir milk is free home delivered in Mumbai and Pune

100% farm fresh A2 milk Untouched and Unadulterated straight to your home

It’s the finest Gir Cow A2 milk delivered straight from the farm to your doorstep within a few hours of milking.

Enhanced levels of quality assurance with Special 3 layer aseptic packing to retain freshness and to give you safe nutritious A2 milk

Indigau A2 milk is obtained from free range grass fed A2 Desi Gir Cows. This milk is laboratory tested and certified to ensure you get pure unadulterated milk. Indigau recommends drinking A2 milk to avoid milk related health complications that occur due to BCM 7.

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