Milk is milk, right? Not quite true…


Not all cows produce milk with the same kinds of nutrients. In fact, certain important nutrients in A2 milk are different on a fundamental, structural level.

The primary protein in A2 milk is known as β-casein. In all cows, this protein happens to come in two forms, i.e. A1 and A2, and each of which includes a different amino acid in its structure.

Difference between A1 and A2 milk:

Although both types of milk come from the same source that is the cow, there is a considerable difference in their chemical compositions.  The protein component in the milk is what differentiates the two from each other in terms of quality.

A1 milk has A1 type of protein and A2 milk has A2 type of protein. This is important for us to know because the way the milk is broken down and metabolised in our digestive system is different.

One of the major reasons behind the spark of this discussion is the presence of Beta-casomorphine-7 in A1 milk.  Beta-casomorphine-7 has been held responsible for several undesirable health consequences, which is not present in A2 milk.

There has been a growing preference for A2 milk because of its health benefits.

A2 milk and dairy products from grass fed Desi Gir Cows are not only great sources of nutrition, but are also a common vehicle for people to consume probiotics and prebiotics. These help boost our immunity by promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria in our gut.  A healthy interaction between our immune system and the gut micro-biota is crucial for the maintenance of our body’s health.

Gir cow breeds provide milk with only the A2 beta casein protein. A2 milk has a natural golden colour and the great taste one can enjoy as nature originally intended.

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Where to buy A2 milk?

Indigau A2 milk is obtained from free range grass fed A2 Desi Gir Cows. This milk is laboratory tested and certified to ensure you get pure unadulterated milk. Indigau recommends drinking A2 milk to avoid milk related health complications that occur due to BCM 7.

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