Adopting Natural and Healthy Dairy Foods during Covid 19


There is need to boost our immune systems, especially in the wake of the novel coronavirus disease COVID-19 pandemic. Dairy products play a significant role in boosting your immune systems.

Health benefits associated with dairy products extend far beyond building and maintaining of healthy bones and teeth. Having enough A2 milk, A2 yoghurt and A2 cheese in your diet can be advantageous for your heart health, helps in lowering blood pressure and maintaining a healthy weight.

Here are the key health benefits associated with eating and including dairy foods in your regular diet.

Healthy Bones: Bones are living tissue that are constantly remodelling and renewed, so building and maintaining healthy bones from childhood through an elderly age is important. The vital ingredients for strong bones include weight bearing exercise, calcium-rich foods such as milk, cheese and yoghurt, as well as vitamin D from sun’s exposure.

Healthy Teeth: Having good dental health involves more than just the proper oral hygiene. Healthy nutrition and eating habits also help in keeping your teeth healthy. Dairy foods play a vital role in dental health as they contain a unique combination of special ant decay nutrients i.e. calcium, phosphorus, protein and casein. A2 milk between your meals can reduce the risk of cavities and reduce the risk of tooth decay.

Healthy Body Weight: Maintaining a healthy body weight is a matter of balancing the energy consumed in the form of food verses the daily activities. When trying to lose weight through dieting, including at least three serves of A2 milk in a day can help you in building of new muscle tissue and lose unwanted weight. A2 milk contains high quality proteins that provide all the essential amino acids needed to build and maintain muscle mass.

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