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Why is A2 Milk Easier to Digest

A2 milk is the oldest type of milk that comes from Gir Cows in India. A2 milk is similar in composition to human mother’s milk, so we can deduce that A2 milk is better digested and therefore better tolerated by humans.

A2 milk comes from two copies of the A2 gene for beta casein. You should know that casein is a milk protein and is a part of the total solids comprising of lactose, fat, protein, and minerals in the milk.

Researchers believe that A2 milk is the most natural variant of beta casein whereas A1 milk is the result of a natural genetic mutation that occurred when cattle was domesticated in the past.

The difference between A1 and A2 milk is that A2 milk has the amino acid Proline instead of Histidine at position 67 in beta casein, forming a distinct protein structure which makes A2 milk extremely safe as compared to A1 milk for all age humans.

Though a small difference of an amino acid the human body processes and recognizes them in a very different way.

When A1 milk is digested, a peptide called BCM7 is released. This peptide is able to cross the digestive system and reaches the human circulatory system and is linked to the cause of various health problems in humans.

Whereas when A2 milk is digested, the BCM7 peptide is not released because A2 milk contains Proline instead of Histidine.

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