All Indigau A2 Milk Is Consumed Locally

A2 Milk

All of the A2 milk is consumed within the towns of Pune and Mumbai itself, as people know that the quality is good and the milk is pure and don’t mind paying a little bit extra for it.

We at our farms do not use oxytocin or any other hormonal injections to produce more milk. We also do not add any preservatives to the milk. Indigau is strictly against such artificial practices.

So it is not without reason that the A2 milk industry is thriving. To win the confidence of customers, we get independent lab tests done periodically, checking for water, fat and other adulterants.  We strictly adhere to stringent compliance of quality norms adopted in hygienic and safe handling of milk, right from its point of collection till it reaches the hands of consumers. People in Pune and Mumbai are assured they receive pure, clean, hygienic, chemical-free and unadulterated milk and, hence, the demand for Indigau milk has been rising steadily.

Indigau A2 milk is obtained from free range grass fed A2 Desi Gir Cows. This milk is laboratory tested and certified to ensure you get pure unadulterated milk. We take great pleasure to recommend you trying a free pack of Indigau A2 milk if you are located in Pune and Mumbai by subscribing on our website We are sure you will start enjoying the amazing taste and health benefits of drinking A2 milk on a daily basis as many of our customers say in their reviews.

We recommend you to choose Indigau A2 milk for your family. Relish high quality natural A2 milk obtained from indigenous Gir cows that too… home delivered within few hours of milking. Subscribe today!

Why choose Indigau A2 milk?

We supply pure A2 milk in the manner nature provides. It is supplied under our strict supervision, so you can assure for both quality and quantity.

The Desi cows in our farm are not injected any type of vaccination or antibiotics or oxytocin. They are fed pure organic grass which helps in producing pure organic milk.

A2 milk is delivered at your doorstep within few hours after milking which maintains freshness.

Fresh and organic milk makes it delicious, so kids want to have it again and again.

Our farm maintains proper standards of cleanliness at each and every step.