Why is A2 Milk Easier to Digest?

Why is A2 Milk Easier to Digest?

Why is A2 Milk Easier to Digest? A1 and A2 Milk contain two different types of amino acids, Histidine and Proline. Read on to know their differences and how they affect our health.

Beta-caseins are the most abundant protein found in Gir cow’s milk. Based on the sequence of amino acids in the protein, beta-caseins found in Gir cow’s milk can be further divided into 12 variants.

Two of these beta-casein variants are especially relevant for us, they are: A1 and A2.

A1 and A2 milk can be identified, because of the different specific amino acid located at position 67 in the protein chain.  At position 67, the A1 milk has amino acid Histidine whereas A2 milk has amino acid Proline.

Amino acid Histidine present in A1 milk:

Whether you drink A1 milk or A2 milk is significant to you because when you consume either of the milk, the above mentioned amino acids are going to influence your digestion system and overall health.

When A1 beta-casein is digested in the body, due to the presence of the Histidine amino acid, a protein fragment called “beta-casomorphin-7” also known as “BCM7” is created.

BCM7 is thought to lead to a number of human ailments. It has, for example, been linked to Type 1 diabetes, heart disease, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and autism. It is been suggested that people with a susceptibility to certain diseases should avoid A1 or normal milk containing the Histidine amino acid BCM7.

Amino acid Proline present in A2 milk:

In A2 milk, the troublesome amino acid Histidine in the protein is replaced by the amino acid Proline, and is digested by the body differently so that no BCM7 is produced. In A2 milk, Histidine is substituted by another amino acid called Proline. Milk containing Proline is easier to digest and healthier than A1 cow’s milk.

How is A2 Milk Obtained?

A2 milk is produced from Gir cows that naturally produce milk with the A2 version of beta-casein. These cows naturally have genetic instructions that code for milk casein proteins with a different amino acid called Proline at the specified position. At our farms Gir Cows are bred to create offspring that produce A2 milk with the desired qualities.